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ISFA | 3V3 Street Football World Cup

💥 第1回 3V3 Street Football World Cup 💥

📍ラトビア、リガ - Central Market Hangar




世界最大のストリート サッカーコミュニティは、地元のトーナメントにお互いを招待したり、ソーシャルメディアを通じてつながることで、ここ数年で緊密になってきました。彼らの絆は深まり、この強い絆が、第1回 3対3ストリートサッカーワールド カップの強固な基盤を築きました。この大会は、ストリートサッカーの心と魂を守ることに主眼を置き、ブランドに依存せず、ストリートの人間として私たちができることを証明するもの。息を呑むようなイベントを企画し、ストリートサッカーに対する世界的な情熱を再燃させ、「ジョーガボニート」の真の精神を取り戻そう。



⚽🫱🏻 🫲🏿❤️🫱🏻 🫲🏿🌎

🖼️ @paololucch

💥 1st Official 3V3 Street Football World Cup 💥

📍Riga, Latvia - Central Market Hangar

⏳1-2 November 2024

🌎 32 Countries

Throughout the last years there were certain groups of people who lived street football from the very first moment, dedicating their lives to this unique sport, shaping the urban culture of their respective cities out of pure love and therefore creating their own identity on the world map of street football.

This global movement thrives always and everywhere, from the rough barrios of Medellín to the neon-lit skyscrapers of Tokyo. From the bustling bazaars of Cairo to the infinite concrete arenas of Berlin.

The world’s biggest street football communities have grown closer over the last years by inviting each other to their local tournaments and connecting through social media. They grew that close that this strong bond has now laid a solid foundation for the 1st Official 3v3 Street Football World Cup - a brand-independent movement dedicated to preserving the heart and soul of street football - to demonstrate that as people from the streets we can organize a breathtaking event and reignite the global passion for street football, bringing back the true spirit of "Joga Bonito".

Be ready for the realest event of the year!



🖼️ Art work by @paololucch


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