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We are promoting the domestic spread of street soccer originating in Europe, training street soccer players aiming for the world, and creating an environment.


A street that can be enjoyed temporarily in a small space with a small number of people, in response to various issues that are being asked these days, such as the declining birthrate, economic disparity, loss of exercise opportunities for children, deterioration of athletic ability, urban development and environmental problems. We are working on what we can do one by one to take advantage of soccer and help solve problems.

In addition, we have received an increasing number of inquiries from people who support our activities and want to spread street football together.

I think that Japanese soccer will become even more attractive if we can see people who have played soccer and those who have never played soccer all over the country enjoy street soccer together.


Bringing a new football culture to Japan


 ▷ Creating an environment where you can enjoy soccer on a daily basis

 ▷ Create a new football path like never before


NO BORDER  * Creating a society that accepts diversity
Enjoy together / Value encounters (friends) / Pursue dreams and aspirations together (challenge)


August 22, 2018​

Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Takashi Hatanaka Flying Yamamoto

Narasaka Shu

​ Kenji Suzuki

Hajime Shinohara

GrowthPartners Tax accountant corporation

Tournament planning and management School planning and management

Event planning and management

Development, sales and rental of street soccer related equipment



Parasports comprehensive site "Parasapo WEB"


Nippon TV "Arashi ni Shiyagare" / Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV" / Nikkei Shimbun / Tokyo Shimbun (WEB version) / Asahi Shimbun Digital & M / Sankei NEWS etc.


NHK "Metropolitan area network" / Yomiuri Shimbun / Sankei Shimbun / Mainichi Shimbun / DAZN ( ​Meiji Yasuda Life J League 2018 opening video) / Soccer King and many more


GREETING   Representative greeting

Soccer is something to enjoy. I want to create an environment where many people can enjoy soccer for a long time in their lives, as in Europe and South America. This is the root of our activity.

In Europe, where soccer has become a well-established culture, the field has moved from the streets to a well-developed environment, and there are dedicated courts for one-on-one and three-to-three people in the park, and there are various ways to enjoy it. People of all ages are having fun together while changing the rules, such as eliminating physical contact in order to compete more skillfully, and incorporating it into the elements of adding points and winning or losing by pulling out the crotch.

Japan does not have a culture of street soccer, but there used to be places and parks where you could play ball freely. However, in recent years, kicking the ball is often prohibited in places such as parks and schools, and while soccer has gained competitiveness as it has become an elite competition, the element of play has diminished from soccer itself, and lessons have been learned. It is becoming like one of the.

99% cannot be professional soccer players. It is not only a vector that aims to be a soccer player, but also an environment where a wider range of people can enjoy soccer for a long time and people who have never played soccer can enjoy it together, not just a saucer for those who were aiming for soccer players. We consider it indispensable for future Japanese soccer.

Like skateboards and BMX, which have been attracting attention in recent years, overseas street soccer players imitate players who are active in the world, create original techniques, and post them on the Internet, YouTube, SNS, etc. And, with that post as an opportunity, I connect with players from all over the world, participate in world competitions, and improve street soccer together. In that sense, street soccer is also an urban sport, and I think it will be one of the factors that will develop Japanese soccer in the future.

We, the Street Soccer Association, not only spread street soccer in Japan, which can be enjoyed in a small space, but also focus on fostering children who aim to connect to the world and aim for the world as well as overseas. I want to create a new world champion following the champion.

Japan Street Soccer Association

​ Representative Director Takashi Hatanaka

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