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Tatsumi Kids Lab School

​ 1st and 3rd Sunday
2nd and 4th Sunday
2 courses held

Tatsumi Kids Lab School Enrollment Application

About the lesson

・ An annual calendar will be distributed at the time of lessons after enrollment. In addition to the lessons every Saturday, we will add and distribute as appropriate when the tournament or event is confirmed.

・ Lessons are held every Saturday, but please note that you may be forced to close school due to the recent coronavirus infection.

・ If you are unable to participate due to circumstances, you can transfer to another day of the week. Please contact us when you have decided on the desired transfer date. (

About the course

・ There are two courses, a basic course ( beginners and lower grades ) and an advanced course ( experienced soccer players and upper grades ).

Flow until membership

① If you fill out the form below and send it, we will send you a reception completion email.

(2) Please transfer the initial fee and monthly fee stated in the return email to the designated account or bring it with you when you participate in the studio.

③ After confirming the transfer, we will send you an email confirming the payment.

About monthly fee

・ Currently, you are required to bring the payment by wire transfer or when you participate in the studio.

・ Please note that monthly fees are not prorated.

Monthly fee

Basic course 2nd of the month / 4,400 yen

Advanced course 2nd of the month / 4,400 yen

Admission fee 6,600 yen

Annual membership fee 3,300 yen

​​ Sports insurance 1,100 yen

* Optional purchase: Headgear 3,850 yen, Studio shirt 3,300 yen

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